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“We have been collaborating with AIMS since 1998. The positive experiences that we have had in various projects during these 12 years, as well as the professionalism of the team members represent our arguments for the collaboration with AIMS. What differentiates AIMS is the desire to strive, to perfect and diversify the services, the quality and to reinvent. We have always appreciated their concern to profoundly understand the client, in order to offer the best adapted solution to his needs. Another element that differentiates them is the enthusiasm and determination of the AIMS team in reaching the established objectives. Our long and good collaboration, the excellent results obtained from our colleagues recruited with the aid of AIMS, the synergy and sympathy created between our teams, entitles us to recommend AIMS with all our trust and fondness.”
Brent Valmar | General Manager | Porsche Romania
”Our collaboration with Aims started in 2005 by virtue of a successful partnership already created by another member of the Metro Group, Metro Cash&Carry Romania. In our relationship, Aims has decided to develop a loyalty among a small number of consultants in the client-supplier partnership. This has allowed the consultants to gain in-depth knowledge about the client’s needs. Thus, the flexible attitude, the transparency and the availability of the consultants has many times made us think of them as our real team members, that work in a different location. In Romania, consults come and go, but Aims has stayed and developed along with the labour market. Therefore it possesses the unwritten history of the market evolution in all industries. Aims is a team that acts in the same rhythm as the market, but stays constant with regard to the open approach towards the client and the ethics that it practices.”
Ramona Grigore | Division Manager Recruitment, Training and Development | Real Hypermarket
“I appreciate the fact that we have always communicated openly and transparently with all the AIMS consultants. We have received valuable candidate evaluations with regard to adequacy to the post, but also from the point of view of their integration into our organization. I have no reserves in working with AIMS on other projects than executive search.”
Mihai Popescu | CEO | Aviva Group Romania
"As a HR professional for my company, I found in AIMS the effective support based on expertise and fast reaction needed in my organisational projects. I highly appreciate AIMS consultants for their effective recruitment services and especially for their customized approach on organisational development projects”.
Luminita Florea | People & Organisation Consultant | Novo Nordisk
“I have been working with AIMS for the past decade and I’m impressed by their professionalism, willingness and capability to address and solve the client’s issues. The last common project was related to a large assessment centre for more than 30 middle level mangers in a very competitive market for a large multinational company; at the end of the project, the results are beneficial and we have significantly improved our operations”.
Aurelian Sima | DC BPO Bucharest Lead | Accenture
“I have partnered with AIMS for developing and implementing an Assessment Center for my team. I was very satisfied with the level of interest shown by the team I have worked with from AIMS in understanding the business requirements, in adapting the assessment to our business needs and in delivering according with their commitment. We received valuable recommendations, based on facts and delivered with high professionalism”.
Adrian Apostoleanu | Director, Credit and Collections | Oracle Romania
“I remember the first discussions with AIMS consultants. They knew how to ask questions in order to better understand our business context and for identify our people needs and this was a guarantee for building our trust. They started applying their tools only after all the aspects were clarified. All the recommendations they made based on the Assessment Centre results were very helpful. We promoted people and decided on people development programs based on their feedback. In fact, our managers considered AIMS suggestions and applied them in detail”.
Ema Avramescu | HR Commercial Manager | Coca Cola HBC Romania
“Every time we have organized a recruitment for different jobs and asked for AIMS’ help, they have “encumbered” our decision making process with regard to the final candidate. That is because all the candidates were chosen adequately to the searched profile and it was very hard to decide on just one person. ”
Alexandra Balanescu | Sales and Distribution Manager | Chartis Romania
“The AIMS team is one of the most professional teams in the human resources field from the Western part of our country. A young team, but with many years of experience in the field, which besides recruitment and training services, salary and benefit studies, also successfully offers consultancy in defining and implementing the HR processes needed by a company. Professionalism, seriousness and enthusiasm represent the keys to their success obtained at each new human resources project, for which we have requested their help.”
Carmen Ardelean | Human Resources Manager | Yazaki
“The collaboration with AIMS, from the point of view of the candidate as well as from the point of view of the Alcatel representative, has been at the level of the standards imposed by AIMS on the market in the last 20 years. The trust, capitalizing human resources with the most thorough understanding you can expect from a consultancy company, are rare values that you appreciate and search for in any future collaboration relation. I am pleased of the team’s commitment and involvement and the professionalism level that I have observed during our entire collaboration and I am convinced that all these qualities have been and shall be a solid foundation that shall help the AIMS company to keep its leader position on the consultancy market in Timisoara.”
Loredana Ciurariu | Staffing, Talent Management & Organisational Design Manager | Alcatel-Lucent South East Europe
"By means of a highly professional Assessment & Development Centre, AIMS supported us in identifying hidden potentials and possible successors in our organization. The holistic de-briefing and consultations after the Assessment & Development Centre provided very useful advice to our team and department leaders in how to manage their employees. The specific proposals concerning the training and development needs enabled us to set-up a tailor-made training program for our organization. We are very happy concerning the cooperation and we are positive about mutual projects in the future."
Martin Wenderoth | Managing Director | B. Braun Medical
“Faist Mekatronic has succeeded with the help of AIMS in implementing a professional and fair human resources system. Our employees think that our current system is a real success due to the fact that it has brought more clarity, equity to the organization and has contributed to the growth of the competitiveness. AIMS has helped Faist Mekatronic in selecting the best candidates for management positions. The consultants that have participated at implementing the system and in the recruitment processes have evinced professionalism, seriousness and involvement. We have had a truly successful and dynamic collaboration, full of satisfactions.”
Remus Cotut | General Manager | Faist Mekatronic
“I am enjoying a long term collaboration with AIMS, largely due to your capacity to reinvent, always come up with new things that bring value to the relationship between our companies. We are very pleased of your programs, we always are enthusiastic about your news and appreciate the fact that you tailor them to our needs. We thank you for your support and helping us grow.”
Catalin Olteanu | General Manager | FM Logistic
“We collaborate with AIMS Timisoara on various recruitment projects, assessment centers and salary surveys. In the last year, we have carried out five recruitment projects, all of which being successfully finished. During each project, the AIMS consultants have evinced professionalism, flexibility and customer orientation – always have been open towards us and have taken into account all our needs and requirements.”
Mihaela Popa | HR Manager | Frigoglass
“When I started my activity with Kromberg & Schubert in the autumn of 2004, I met the first challenges at Kromberg & Schubert Timisoara. During that time, I met Andrea Telegdi from AIMS and we started a very good collaboration. Over the years, this collaboration ended up in pragmatic, uncomplicated and very successful projects in training, recruitment and Assessment Centres. I thank Andreea and her team for gaining my trust.”
Siegfried Fannasch | Human Resources Manager | Kromberg & Schubert
“We have started the collaboration with the AIMS team many years ago, following the good recommendation that we have received from the market. Initially we opted for the recruitment services. Later on we started working together on recruitment and training projects, but also in the salary survey field. The surveys have proved to be a very useful and relevant tool (especially in the last years) for supporting the salary and benefit policies applied in our companies in the country. During the years we have discovered valuable consultants in the AIMS teams, on which we have relied on every time we needed help and never hesitated to ask. I appreciate the fact that AIMS’ promise to work with the management of the companies in order to bring more efficiency has been kept every time. Last but not least, I have found people of real value, whose opinion is always important to me.”
Roxana Alexandrescu | Country HR Manager | Leoni
“One thing that we highly appreciate is that AIMS has a team of exceptional professionals, always available to offer high quality services. With regard to the projects on which we have collaborated so far (i.e. salary and benefits surveys, internal competence assessment), we appreciate the way in which AIMS processes the data, and mainly the practical advises we have received, in addition to standard data analysis. We can rely on AIMS’ standards, its extended knowledge and network made available to us. Therefore we plan on continuing our collaboration in the future.”
Roxana Milas | Human Resources Director | Nokia
“It is a pleasure to work with the AIMS team and to continuously learn new management methods.”
Csaba Zsok | General Manager | Rosendahl Industries
“AIMS is without doubt, one of the most professional companies I have worked with so far. We have carried out many training, coaching and recruitment projects together. In all of these occasions, I have appreciated the correct and serious way in which AIMS approaches every client and its specific requirements. I especially like the fact that all the AIMS consultants with whom I worked for, love and respect their job, and their professional ethic has proved to be at a high level in all cases. It is my pleasure to continue to work with them, because I know they won’t disappoint me, and they have the backbone needed to refuse a job which they consider they can’t perform at a maximum quality level. Therefore, if AIMS gets involved in a project I am convinced they have done it with awareness and the project shall be finalized correctly and with professionalism. ”
Loredana Ghituica | Human Resources Manager | Takata
“Besides the thorough professionalism, the people behind the AMIS name have a great quality: they make all the efforts needed to understand the client – in our case, to understand the culture and the specifics of the Vitafoam company. This way they have succeeded to offer us exactly what we needed; they have never disappointed us during the seven year collaboration period.”
Nicoleta Stoian | Country Manager | Vitafoam Romania
“Together with AIMS Timisoara we have carried out a few projects specific to the human resources area and had the opportunity to get to know some of the best specialists in the branch. The professionalism used for approaching the projects and the concrete solutions offered by the AIMS specialists are just two of the aspects that make us turn to their services every time we needed. They are trustworthy partners, which through their 20 year experience gained in the human resources field, are capable of bringing value to any organization that carries out projects. The secret is to listen to them and follow their advice.”
Mihaela Daniela Nagy | Human Resources Manager | Mondial Lugoj
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